Two films about about Sukur by Nic David are now available on YouTube, together with his other ethnographic films on the peoples of the Mandara Mountains and their material culture.These include a short (21 minute) film on Sukur male initiation entitled Regenerating Sukur. A third film, Black Hephaistos, on iron production and working in the Mandara mountains, includes scenes in a Sukur forge.

A five minute trailer of The 13 Months of Sukur is accessed here.

and the main film below:


Africa's first world heritage cultural landscape
(50 mins)

This ethnographic film shows the complete seasonal round of the Sukur people of Nigeria's Mandara Mountains. It does so from the perspective of cultural landscape, showing how their technology, society and ideology as expressed in ceremonies interact with their mountain environment to produce a landscape that is inherited, maintained and always in process of becoming. A wide range of traditional technologies - amongst them iron smelting, architecture and basketry - are introduced, as are core anthropological concepts such as clan and caste. Nic David and Judy Sterner have carried out ethnographic, historical and archaeological research in the Mandara Mountains since 1984. Their intimate and unrivalled knowledge of the Sukur people is evident throughout a film, made over 17 years, that is intended for general audiences besides students of anthropology and African studies. Watch the film here.